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Gray Drewlove’s Ass Gets Wrecked By His Furry Biker Over at Raw Road Nation


Full disclosure, guys with long hair do nothing for me. In fact they're a turn off as opposed to being simply apathetic about it. I can't get around it, sorry. BUT pair them up with someone as hot as Rossy and I got something to focus on, so it's all good. And yes, I know, slender, longhaired neo-hippie types are some people's jam, and I don't wannna yuck anyone's yum. They definitely have their place in the gay porn hierarchy and serve their purpose well. Here, in Raw Road Nation's recent scene "Visit From Handsome Hung Biker," the term "serve" is most definitely apropos as our slender slut with the golden locks Gray Drewlove is very much in service to the handsome hirsute hottie biker Rossy, his thick dick, and his even thicker butt toy. There's some nice kink play working here, what with the biker leather gear, Love's subservience, and  oh, yeah, that cage in the corner!

Just push that thong aside and let bossy Rossy in, little pig.

Love's been caged up, literally, waiting for his stud to come home, free him and use his holes. Rossy saunters into the cramped apartment with all his hawt, muscle Bear goodness dripping out of his biker leathers, opening up the cage which houses Love to let him crawl and take his meaty schlong. Rossy has a fantastic dad bod; he's beefy and built with just a bit of a paunch, his body hair plentiful without being obnoxious, and his daddy dick long and thick. The slim and tatted Love is ready for it though, easily taking all his inches down his throat as he vacuums it in completely to the pubes, having apparently no gag reflex whatsoever. Kudos to you, sir!

Rossy bends his bitch over the cage and removes his pants, pushing the thong to the side and giving his ass a bit of a rimming before shoving his manhood in deep, ramming his hole with little ceremony or affection. Love is here to serve him, and he takes what he wants. Sure there's some kissing, but it's more a matter of protocol than need. His cock pumps and grinds with his hand wrapped in that hair, controlling him.

Shifting to the bed with his ass high in the air, Love precedes to display his bottoming skills as Rossy fills his ass with an absolutely enormous finger-shaped dildo that would destroy most men. But not Love, no sir. He gamely offers up his hole for his daddy's play-toy as the shaft the size of a dockworker's forearm is thrust in and out of his gaping chute.

But even he can only take so much, and Rossy wants to sink his pole in again. Climbing on top to cover Love completely with his larger body, he now owns Love completely. I love the look of Rossy's furry shoulders and rump rising and falling as he pumps more dick deep in Love until he pulls out and shoots his cream over his wrecked backside.

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