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Dakota Lovell Is “A Gift From the Order” from Missionary Boys That Devin Franco and Alex Tanner Simply Can’t Refuse


Missionary Boys has gotten much more interesting over the last year, I gotta say. While it's still "older/younger" and "daddy/twink" heavy with its couplings, the twinks are given much more to do than simply be submissive boys opening their holes, and the definition of "daddy" has grown and evolved. The age disparity between their daddies and boys is a bit closer at times, with crossover behavior for each adding to the performers' repertoires. Case in point: their recent scene "A Gift From the Order" starring Dakota Lovell, Alex Tanner, and Devin Franco. Lovell, that ever-horny yet quietly subdued twink with the massive boner, has been allowed to top in more recent scenes, and while here he's the bottom for Tanner and Franco's hardbody dicks, you wouldn't exactly call him a "bottom bitch." He's running the show, calling the shots, and leading the charge. Pick your metaphor. He's just as the title states, a gift from the missionary order presenting himself to the two tops for their hard work. And while his mouth and ass might be theirs for the taking, it's more a give and take as each person in this humping, grinding trio contributes and derives equal pleasure.

(L-R) Franco, Lovell, Tanner

What's great about this scene, besides the hot sex of course, is the differences in their physical forms. Lovell is slender, smooth, and comes off like your cute high school nerd, the one you wouldn't think much about when it comes to sex but give him the chance and he'll surprise you! Then you have the muscular duo of Tanner and Franco; where one is brunette with some chest hair, the other is a flame-bushed ginger smooth as a baby's bottom. Together, they give the viewer a lot of "type" choices to focus on.

Instructed that they may use Lovell however they choose, the three start a passionate kissing ring as Franco pulls out Lovell's impressive cock, lengthening and hardening in his hand. The two bulging hotties drop to their knees and savor Lovell's communion staff, passing it back and forth as they suck and tease, encouraging each other to go deeper to see who can reach the pubes without choking.

But this is about opening Lovell's hole, and Lovell is ready to take those bareback dicks deep in his aching ass. Franco is up to bat first, bending him over the table and coming at him from behind with slow and steady, rhythmic strokes as his thick, famous tool does its work, pumping in and out until he announces his need to shoot. He splatters Lovell's ass cheeks with his cream before sticking it back in to breed his tight hole, the erotic spasms subsiding as his body quakes. Flipping onto his back, Lovell is ready for load number two as our ginger stud Tanner steps up and drives his dick in deep. It doesn't take long as this gorgeous redhead fucks a copious load from Lovell before he creams his bottom's balls before fucking his jizz in to mix with Franco's.

Lovell is a gift that keeps giving.

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