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Flashback Friday Takes You To Kink Men’s Bound Gods’ 5-Year Anniversary…8 1/2 Years Ago


Are You Ready For A Veritable Kink Circus?

Yer boy Hank here looked up noted director and performer Van Darkholme to see how far back he went on Kink Men, and I found this doozy of a scene that was done for the fifth anniversary of their Bound Gods channel back in 2013. "Bound Gods 5 Year Anniversary Live Show - The Slave Auction - Part One" (holy shit, there's a part 2!) features Van along with other master tops Master Avery and Christian Wilde, as well as submissive bottoms Sebastian Keys, John Jammen, Holden Phillips, Lief Kaase, Randall O'Reilley, Derek Pain, Dylan Deap, and Rowen Jackson. Quite honestly, there is so much elaborate kink play going on here, I'd be hard-pressed to delve into it all. You're just gonna have to search for the title at Kink Men for yourself. Being a live show, at the time, viewers/members were permitted to chime in and offer suggestions of things they wanted to see. This is kink for the pleasure of the masters and the viewers. Safe, sane, and consensual, but punishment and humiliation weighs heavily on the sexuality presented. It's not about sex, but about the giving and receiving of power.

The boys are numbered, and a couple immediately deserve hard smacks with a riding crop. The tops ain't kidding around here. There are a series of physical activities, such as the removal of jocks with their teeth, and every slight infraction or perception of slowness is met with punishment: a smack, a slap, a boot on the head. The boys are presented with two leather-clad and hooded tops and their raging hard cocks, sucking hard whichever cock is presented to them. And smacks with the crop may occur at the same time as their faces are filled with hard meat. Sebastian appears to be the favorite of the tops, given his readiness to be obedient and push his own limits.

Hands bound behind their backs with ropes, standing with cocks in chastity cages, heads covered with metal boxes suspended form the ceiling, they are given a round of flogging both front and back, thanking the masters for each slap of the leather straps. Tit clamps are administered and left on for a while before roughly removed and their tits squeezed as they're instructed to respond only to the pain with "Mmmmm, YUM" or they get a cattle prod. They are then subjected to an ice dildo, a latex glove filled with water and frozen, with one of the ice-filled fingers inserted into their asshole and left there as they breathe through the burning cold, timed as to how long they can withstand it. #020 keeps it in the longest and interestingly, it's followed by the gorgeous Christian shoving his hard pole in after the ice is removed. His reaction is priceless, saying it feels like he's sticking his dick in a freezer.

When the impressive body builder Derek Pain shows up, things really get weird. He's placed on a pedestal of sorts as the other tops come forward to have the five subs suck their dicks, balls, crevices, all the while Christian and Avery deliver flogger slaps. This action covers up Van setting up Derek on a chair, binding his arms, and administering an elaborate series of clothespins around his bulging muscular body, including his cock and balls. Each clothespin has a string attached for later painful/delightful removable. Here's what's great about Van's scenes; he wants no lag time. So while he's prepping Derek, the subs suck, get flogged, and Sebastian is royally fucked good and hard by Christian's beautiful pipe. The viewer is always given something interesting to look at.

When Derek is fully adorned with innumerable clothes pins, the subs are places in a circle around the pedestal, with the ends of the strings tied to rings in their collars. That's when you notice the pedestal is round, and will rotate, and you can imagine what happens next. Before it starts to turn, thus pulling the clothespins off his skin with painful pinches, the whole setup makes for quite a stunning sculpture  comprised of flesh, wood, metal and fibers. If Saw's Jigsaw created a torturous game for a victim to play that actually involved sex, it might look like this. Before they get to the pins on the balls, they break to allow the subs to suck spewing cum loads out of two of the tops.

Now, let me describe the releasing of the clothespins on the balls. Sebastian is on his hands and knees facing away from the pedestal. All the strings attached to Derek's balls are tied to Sebastian's collar. Van approaches the sub with a cattle prod. When he touches the charged end to Sebastian's ass cheeks, his natural reaction is to throw his body violently away, thereby pulling all the clothespins off Derek's balls in one fell swoop. YEEOUCH! Derek mutters, "Okay, that really fucking hurt," but it sound humorous because he's had a horse bit in his mouth the whole time. Also, incredibly, he stayed rock hard through all of it!

I'm exhausted. Head over to Kink Men and check it all out for yourself. 



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