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Jeremiah Cruze Is a Hunky Ginger Top Dominating Sub Vander Pulaski


The sub submits. It's what subs are made for.

Over at KinkMen, they've brought together two handsome young men in a torrid scene filled with BDSM toys, activities, and raw-dogging ass-play. Jeremiah Cruze is a well-defined muscle hunk who fills out his leather pants and harness flawlessly. As furry sub Vander Pulaski's dom, he's playing quite the different role he did several months ago when he was getting fucked in a cop uniform, but we'll take him any way we can! His ginger beard and mop-top, rich with red color, is sexy as hell as his low-register voice growls out commands and moans while Pulaski takes everything Cruze has to offer in "Give It To Me Sir."

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Vander Pulaski sucks Jeremiah Cruze for KinkMen.

Photo courtesy of KinkMen.

As Cruze watches licking his lips, Pulaski strips down, exposing his full bush, his plump cock nestled within. Cruze likes what he sees and pushes the handsome brunette to his knees to worship his long, hard meat through his leather pants. Hauling out that erect tube, Crze gives his sub the opportunity to show off his deep-throating skills as his dom fucks his throat with intense pumping, his hand on the back of his head, his hips grinding back and forth, filling Pulaski's gullet.

Let's move onto something more serious though. Pulaski is bound to a wooden slab, mouth gagged, and legs spread as his hardon juts forth almost in defiance of what's to come. Cruze wields a flogger over Pulaski's chest, cock, and balls, and (unsafely in my opinion) his lower torso. Flipping him over his lashing comes harder, faster, from all directions as Pulaski cries out from behind the gag. But he takes it as his skin reddens and their excitement grows.

Clothespins appear across Pulaski's torso and genitals. Now there are several ways Cruz can remove these. He chooses the use of a riding crop, flicking each off with fast wicks of the instrument, the leather flap snapping at Pulaski's skin at the same time it swipes the clothespin off. This is an especially torturous manner to do this because it often takes more than one swack to do the job.

Jeremiah Cruze fucks Vander Pulaski for KinkMen.

Photo courtesy of KinkMen.

One last toy, an electric zapper is applied to the eager sub's backside as he's bound face-down in an elaborate, free-swinging cross. With his dick and balls hanging straight down, the tip of the probe touches his shaft, his balls, his thighs, and his feet, a loud zpritz ringing out with each zap which Pulaski responds to with a loud cry and a full-body lurch.

Sweet oral and anal relief is gifted to the sub as his throat is filled once more with hard, pumping cock as Cruze feeds his face before he moves to his ashole, aching to be filled. As Pulaski calls out his desires, "Please fuck me! Yes, fill me, Sir!" Cruz slams his hole, his muscles gleaming with sweat and flexing in the bondage of his harness until he needs release, moving to spurt his load straight into Pulaski's mouth and his lapping tongue. He services his sub just once when he jacks the bound stud's cream from his shaft, his moans of release filling the air.

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