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Gay The Fourth – A Star Wars Thirst Trap Cosplay Celebration


If you have the “geek” tribe selected on your Grindr profile, then today is for you! May the Fourth is basically nerd Mardi Gras—so put on your fiercest Queen Amidala drag or your sexy, brooding Kylo Ren face and get those light sabers nice and hard and ready for action. The best part about May the Fourth is that gay or straight, nerdy guys in cosplay are just plain hot. If you need some inspiration, check out this random assortment of geeky Star Wars studs on Instagram:



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A post shared by Mike (@mikewareham23)

The force doesn’t need to be strong with this one, those biceps will do just fine.


Dark side…light side…Darth Sidious is totally vers.


Anything goes, but the helmet stays on.


This guy is so hot he makes Oscar Isaac look the “before” shot of Poe Dameron, right?


I don’t think this Han is going to be solo tonight!


Imagine what he can do in 12 parsecs.


The newest installment in the Star Wars franchise is actually being directed by Corbin Fisher.


That's right, R2. We're going to the Dagobah system.


Walking in to film a DP scene like…


Instead of “Sissy That Walk” it is now “Jabba That Hutt”.


Be careful not to choke on your....aspirations.


How old were you when you realized that “choke me daddy” could be referencing someone using The Force?


Kylo Ren always did have the biggest light saber.


Giving off major, “Luke, I am your daddy” vibes.


Love a Wookiee who can lay bricks...


No one:
Me: **Googles age of consent on Alderaan**


I can C more than his 3PO.


A stormtrooper never goes anywhere without a BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle.


Giving slave Leia a run for her money.


Please submit one fully clothed and one fully nude photo to be considered for this campaign.


These ARE the droids I’m looking for...


The Force is strong with this one.


Buns more iconic than Princess Leia’s.


Giving a total and explosive poe-gasm.


“I know” – Han Solo.


Someone’s getting leia’d tonight.


When you’re single and but your friend reminds you there are lots of Twi'leks in the galaxy.


It’s a (thirst) trap! It’s a (thirst) trap!


When BB8 is your costume, but also your preference and stats on Scruff.


Did it all for the wookie.


The key to good Star Wars fan art is nice, long, gentle strokes.


Queen Amidala said DRAG. ME. HUNTY.


I’ll take the R2, and go ahead and give me the D2 as well please.


Happy May the Fourth be with you, and to all a good night.

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