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Michael Boston and Drew Valentino Are Naughty Nurses In Falcon/Hothouse’s “Dirty Desert Doctors”


RN Stands For "Really Naked"

Hot House has been dropping scenes from its forthcoming Dirty Desert Doctors  on both the Hot House and Falcon Studios sites, and they look like they would alleviate any lingering fears one might have of a doctor's visit. Put them at ease, so to speak. In this scene, Michael Boston and Drew Valentino are nursing coworkers who discover a mutual fondness for relaxing at the workplace in a more physical manner. When Drew comes across Michael jacking it in the examination area, he winds up cumming across Michael's hefty balls!

Michael gets super horny when he's by himself cleaning the room, and strips out of his scrubs, revealing his gorgeous beefy bod with its light coating of chest hair. Rubbing his cock and tugging his balls as he tweaks his nipples, his blood starts flowing and his inhibitions fly out the window. Up on the exam table with his fingers stretching his asshole is how he's discovered when his tatted and bearish coworker Drew wanders in, taking a surprised glance but quickly getting down with the scene in front of him and jumping in to join. His first move is to plant his handsome bearded face deep between Michael's butt cheeks, tonguing that hole with earnest gusto as he tugs Michael's erection down between his legs, alternating between a deep rimming and sucking on Michael's not-at-all depressing tongue depressor. (Sorry, too much of a reach for that pun?) Switching positions and Michael is on his knees performing a masterful blowjob on Drew's beautiful meat, enjoying every thick inch as it slides in and out of his throat. He absolutely loves sucking cock, and it shows here as he slobbers and slathers his face with spit-soaked fleshy goodness, choking it down to the hilt or teasing the tip. On the table, the two get into a 69 position, and damn does Drew look amazing on top, filmed from an angle between Michael's legs with his bearded face stuffed to overflowing with thick dick.

Flipping positions and Michael is ready to impale himself on Drew's flesh rod, riding him like a bucking bronco as he grabs hold of the hirsute chest before him and grinding his tight hole back and forth, up and down, working his ass as he gets as much of the cock deep in his backside. Whether standing up and bent over or eventually on his back, Michael seems in seventh heaven as his ass is filled with Drew's Bear cock before he gets a thick load fucked out of him, which Drew, displaying impeccable bedside manner, leans over and laps up with his tongue. He finishes himself off by spraying his spunk over Michael's cock and balls and scooping it all up with his dick and fucking it back into his buddy's worked-over hole.

Plug In and Get Off with these two over at Falcon Studios or Hot House by clicking that banner below.

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