Dane Stewart and Stephen Harte are the Latest To Have Some Fun at "The Fuck Room"

August 14, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Dane Stewart lets his plastic fetish live on, as he wraps Stephen Harte up, and uses some cellophane as a makeshift gloryhole

[WATCH: "The Fuck Room: Episode Four" - Bromo.com]

There's even a little fooj action in Bromo's latest scene!

You remember the disaster of a cellophane-covered-room-with-a-dirty-mattress-on-a-tarp-with-a-hanging-extension-cord Bromo is trying to christen as some sort of sex dungeon?

Yes, you remember it.

Noah Jones fucked Devin Vex in it.

He then went on to fuck Kyler Ash too. Then Dane Stewart took his turn on Kyler Ash.

Now Dane Stewart is fucking in "The Disaster Fuck Room" again, but is taking Stephen Harte on a ride.

Maybe Woody Fox can take a cue for his "Ten Spot" in San Francisco, and see the experience that guys looking to fuck on the low really need...

Maybe instead of a nice leather couch, you just need a dirty mattress?

[WATCH: The Ten Spot - Naked Sword Originals]

From Bromo:

Just when you thought that cum drenched mattress could not take any more action, Dane Stewart returns to destroy Stephen Harte's furry hole. Stephen fulfills his duties as a proper cum slut, eagerly accepting all of Dane's punishments. You'll come for the glory hole, and stay for the hot foot-fucking action.

After he gets his gloryhole full, Dane knocks Stephen over for some fooj action

Then they give that up and Dane fucks Stephen bareback...

...On that dirty dirty mattress... 

...Until he drops a hot load in Stephen's ass.

Just when we thought Badpuppy's scene from Friday with Joel Vargas was a foot fetishist's dream, Bromo has upped the ante. So at least they've got that going for them.

Would you fuck at "The Fuck Room?"


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