Badpuppy's Newest Scene is a Sock and Foot-Lover's Dream

August 11, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Latino Stud Joel Vargas gets to soccer practice a little early, and relieves himself with a nice wank session

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As Joel is wanking, he shows off his body, his cock, and that hot pair of socks!

The early bird gets the worm, right? 

At least that's what THEY say. And THEY may be right. In this case, Joel Vargas was the early bird, and his bepis was the worm. Get it, Joel!

Nice slender body, cute face, green-hazel eyes - what more could you want?

I also dig the color of those uniforms - I guess this is a great one for gear lovers too.


Joel Vargas gets to soccer practice early, way before anyone else, and he finds the locker room empty. The faint musky smell of other hot young athletes still permeated the room. With no one there and nothing else to do; Joel decides to escape the boredom and heat by ditching his clothes.

Joel didn't ditch ALL of his clothes though. He stripped down right to his socks.

Cute little booty too - I guess he gets it from all that running around those soccer players do on the field.

Then he wanks...wearing nothing but those socks.

While he's showing off that bod and that cock, he even shows off those feet a little bit too!

What a beautiful hole!

A pun could be made about soccer, and goals, and holes, but I'll spare you.

Once he's finally ready to cum, Joel takes those socks off and wraps them around his dick.

Maybe he likes wearing sticky socks to soccer practice. Maybe he's a cum fetishist. Maybe we'll see him in another Badpuppy scene?

What's your fetish? Socks, like Joel Vargas, or something kinkier?


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