Furk Ya K.J. Apa Stunningly Skinful In A Dog's Purpose Video

June 2, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


More like A Doggie Style's Purpose, amirite?! K.J. Apa is the sex on a stick that gets us UP in the morning, and thanks to A Dog's Purpose, we can see his only shirtless on-screen performance outside of his role as Archie on Riverdale! In the scene, the self-proclaimed nineteen-year-old is looking all kinds of FYNE while showing off his unreal body and delish happy trail during a tender moment with his dog. This would be truly adorable if it wasn't for some dumb bitch that got on set. Nobody likes you whoever you are.



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A Dog's Purpose
is a 2017 family flick about Dennis Quaid explaining away the alleged abuse of a dog on a movie set, and now that it's on Netflix, you can enjoy every second of the wholesome goodness. Or, or, you could just skip to Apa's sexy shirtless scene right here!

The greenlit season two of Riverdale seems years away at this point, so I'll take what I can get when it comes to seeing Apa's insanely fuckable body and gorgeous face. The Christian with a mission thankfully enjoys showing off his pec-tacular physique on Instagram, and I'll, of course, keep up with the latest and greatest during the Riverdale hiatus. 

Check out K.J. Apa's shirtless scene from A Dog's Purpose below, and head to the gallery for more pics! Do you want to cover this Samoa...n with your nutty drizzle? Nope, abort mission. 

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