Top Five Sexiest Antiheroes Nude To Celebrate Venom!

October 5, 2018 | Posted in gay by fleshbot


From Mr. Man:

They say that bad guys have more fun, but these antiheroes straddle the line. And, our face! Tom Hardy springs into action as Venom this weekend, but you’ll spring into action when you see him all greased up in Bronson. Sin City’s Clive Owen was showin’ his groi-n in Close My Eyes. More like open my butthole eyes! Who’s watching the Watchmen’s CGI dick? We are, courtesy of Billy Crudup. But his co-star Matthew Goode showed off the real Goodes in South from Granada.

Before he was punishing baddies as The Punisher, Thomas Jane rewarded us with his dick silhouette - or dickouette if you will - in The Last Time I Committed Suicide. Finally, the ultimate antihero, Magneto, has had two swinging cocks. We all know about Michael Fassbender in Shame. But did you know Ian McKellen also flopped out that frankfurter in Priest of Love? I’d like to be the meat in that antihero sandwich! Make it a footlong.

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