"I Tied Him Up Better Than You Did!"

Men.com continues with Part 3 of its Halloween porn "The Bayou"

[WATCH: "The Bayou: Part Three" - Drill My Hole]

Michael Roman, Damien Stone, and Paul Canon tie up their friend, then get off in the backwoods heat

Alright, so boom. Tobias and Paul Canon are on a backwoods road trip (so romantic) when they get lost, and take on Michael Roman's offer to stay for the night (and of course, they end up fucking).

The next morning, Tobias finds himself tied up. He breaks free and runs to Damien Stone for help...and a good fuck.

And now we are here, with Michael Roman and Damien Stone spitroasting Paul Canon.

From Men.com:

Paul, Damien, and Michael conspire to use Tobias for gator meat. But first, they take care of their insatiable hunger to fill each other with their throbbing, needy cocks.

Paul Canon seems like such a good boyfriend. But when two gorgeous muscle dudes make out in front of you...

...And when they both start servicing your cock at the same time...

You let them spitroast you, no?

And when Michael Roman wants some cock, (or even to get a feel of your ass), you let him too.

You let them do what they want until they cum all over you.

I'm, dare I say it, interested to see how this will end. And we won't have to wait any longer than tomorrow.

How do you feel about Halloween porn? Too contrived, or right up your alley?

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