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Michael Lucas’ Auditions Florida: Volume 20

Watch Michael Lucas’ Auditions Florida: Volume 20 Now

Lucas' epic run of the Auditions series makes a second stop in Florida. Although it's not the warm climate that lured him in, but rather the scorching-hot boys for this twentieth installment in his no-frills Professional/Amateur porn. While the Q&A/drop-trou approach is formulaic Lucas manages to skirt monotony without deviating from the established conventions of his franchise.

His secret? The diverse range of talent cast in each sequel, thereby keeping each new volume fresh. The five couplings in "Auditions 20" are testament to this fact: not merely by throwing a skin flick superstar into bed with a newbie, but also by showcasing a duo of flip-flop fuckers in their 40s on the same disk as several twenty-somethings — something you rarely see in porn. The over-all result is incendiary with Lucas' sexy accent being enough to stir one's midsection on its own.

Tattooed, Cuban newcomer and Luke Stevens, make for a winning combination; when Lucas challenges them to play they do in a rough-edged manner. Taut-bodied Angelo Dimarco follows his director's aggressive tone, and the fever-pitched pounding of orifices is erotic. Dimarco deeply fills an apple-faced bottom that responds with breathy and blissful moans with every inch that penetrates his tight pucker hole.

No doubt about it: Luke Stevens has an unforgettable screen presence and an inherent sexiness. If this is indeed an audition, one can't help but wonder which studio recruits him, and how soon it will be.

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