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Doctor Tapes: Cute Myott Hunter Reveals “I’ve Got the Hots For Doc” Dalton Riley


Nothing like a healthy doctor visit, getting all checked out, make sure everything's in working order, inside and out. When that doc is a hottie in cute nerd glasses like Dalton Riley, it's not a hard thing to undergo all the poking and prodding. Wait...are we still talking about a medical exam? Cute twinkish Myott Hunter, over at Doctor Tapes, admits "I've Got the Hots For Doc" when he goes in for an exam and comes out feeling fit as a fiddle...and a bit more stretched out in...areas.

Hunter wanders nervously into the doc's office complaining of an embarrassing condition caused by a homemade anal toy. Now I'm never one to judge a person for wanting to shove things up their butt, but one must always maintain control of the object inserted in one's colon. Losing said object is cause for a medical emergency at worst, and a whole lot of schadenfreude for the rest of us at best.

It turns out the young man is perfectly fine; he simply wanted an excuse for getting closer to his handsome bespectacled doctor. Of course he didn't reveal this until the good doc's gloved hand was already three knuckles deep in his tight hole while ehe was on all fours on the exam table. After a pause for affect and contemplation on what to do next, Riley figures "Eh, what the hell, I'm already in there, let's see what kinda fun I can have!"

Riley forgoes the tongue depressor and just uses his tongue. Photo courtesy of Doctor Tapes

Riley removes his hand and as a replacement, inserts his tongue, hard and wet and probing as it licks and tastes his patient. Hunter for his part can't get enough off the hot doc's probing muscle deep in his crack, prepping his ass for what he really came for.

What's great about Riley is how he goes from hot nerd doc with his glasses and uptight demeanor to just plain hot when he strips down and reveals the hard, defined musculature beneath the baggy scrubs. His body comes out and so does his delicious hard cock, pressing against Hunter's eager butthole.

Between Riley's insistent pressing and Hunter's insistent bucking back, Doc is deep in his patient's backside, plunging and pulling out and reinserting as Hunter rocks his hips back and forth, aching to be filled.


Photo courtesy of Doctor Tapes

On his back Hunter opens himself fully, and these two horndogs are soon blowing buckets of cum, drenching the young man's cock and balls and torso in a slick pool of combined spunk.

Watch the full scene at Doctor Tapes. Just click that pic below.

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