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Kyler Drayke Plants His Patriotic Pole In Jonathan Tyler’s Hole For Active Duty


The folks over at Active Duty have enlisted the talents of a couple pretty special men for your viewing pleasure, presenting Kyler Drayke and Jonathan Tyler in "Kyler's Soldier Boy" that absolutely crackles and explode with masculine sexuality. The excitement and connection these two gorgeous hardbodies have for each other, and create between them throughout, is palpable from the get as we see them in their pre-scene interview. They're practically giddy with glee as they sit next to each other, fully clothed, yet unable to keep their hands off of each other, grabbing a grope and a rub at washboard abs and lengthening boners. Drayke sits up at one point and exposes the hard-on growing out of his shorts, explaining he's already hard just sitting next to Tyler. I have to note that the differences in their facial features make fantastic foils for each other; where Tyler is golden-haired, fair and traditionally cute, Drayke has a darker edge to his looks, with his thicker dark brows and hair, brooding eyes and mischievous smirk. They are a nice mix of "hot" and "cute" that blend well.

Drayke (L) and Tyler (R)

Drayke's cock is a fleshy, probing monster, especially when shown against Tyler's face and mouth. Tyler is taut and slender, but Drayke's build is thicker and harder, muscle built up and well-defined that ends with his magnificent snake hanging between his legs. It's not only long, it has a hearty girth and a slight curve that must feel amazing on the back of the throat and in one's ass. Luckily, Tyler is great at getting it all the way down his throat, sucking it down with hungry relish as Drayke expresses his lusty gratitude. Watching Tyler go to work on it, it's no lie when Drayke says he's already got him close to cumming in his mouth. Luckily, he holds off on that sensation.

Drayke just loves eating Tyler's sweet hole, spreading it, fingering it, lapping at it with an almost fascination that he gets to fuck it. And fuck it he does with an insatiable desire to own and destroy. Properly spit-lubed, Tyler's ass opens up and takes in the entire length, and Drayke is soon off to the races, slamming and pounding away as Tyler grinds and moans beneath him. On all fours, both have equal footing when it comes to the banging. Drayke grabs his hips and holds on for balance while he pumps in hard, and Tyler can push back, twerking and working his ass as he fills himself up on all that Drayke has to give.

In a position I don't think I've seen before, Drayke lays back with his legs in the air, thighs to his chest, his sturdy rifle pointed straight up as Tyler lowers himself down onto it and proceeds to fuck himself silly on the raging beast. From a side angle it looks like Tyler is fucking Drayke, but it's an interesting visual trick of the eye. And it must feel absolutely incredible! Tyler is mostly in charge throughout, taking the cock as opposed to receiving it as he fucks himself in several positions before his crotch is smeared with Drayke's fuck juice. Honestly, I'm exhausted just watching them.

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