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White Trash Wednesday Brings You Three Scenes of Young, Dumb and Full of Cum College Orgies


For White Trash Wednesday, yer boy Hank here went hunting around the cum dumpsters on campus, finding group orgy scenes full of trashy horny jock types using each others' holes...or one lucky guy's hole! They're all large-group scenes with a whole lot of (seemingly) substance-fueled sucking and fucking that stems from too much drink and not enough chicks around. It's sweaty, messy, chaotic...and a total turn-on! Like what you see? Plug In and Turn On by clicking on any of the sites' banners.

"Get It"

Face Down, Ass Up has a couple guys getting it from all ends and all sides, especially, Jayden Julian who becomes the defect cum dump. Jack, Luke Connors, Charlie Knox, Trace, Jessie, Caleb and Jordan King round out the bevy of studs, but where exactly they pop up is anyone's guess, what with the camera work focusing more on holes and dicks than faces. The chaotic editing and camera movements doesn't exactly lend the proceedings to character and nuance of performance. They're just cute boys and open holes and pumping hard cocks. The boys pump hard, and their bottoms beg loudly for more, for harder, for deeper, until the cum is spraying and filling up asses.

"Just Eat It"

Over at FratX, Chad Taylor, Eric Charming, Christian Ryder, Aaron London, Richie West, Zach Murphy, Dereck Defendi and Tomas Licauto are all hanging out doing what young horny fuckers do. Basically, rape each other. Well, "rape" in that it seems really aggressive, but those bottoms are super into all of it. I'm not sure what's going on with the cabinet with the hole in it, but hey, the boys are creative, fashioning a gloryhole out of whatever furniture they have around. Unnecessary if you ask me, and can only lead to splinters, but still, it has its filthy erotic charm. Christian seems to be über bottom here, taking it willingly from all ends as his throat is filled with one cock after another, and his asshole is stretched by pummeling peens eager to fill his colon. I gotta say, for all the smooth young jocks, I love the inclusion of Chad, the only hairy dude in the bunch. You can bend me over a dumpster any time.

"Dumb Dumpster"

Sketchy Sex is so nasty they don't even bother giving performer names. They are seriously just a bunch of tender young things making each other more tender by pumping load after load into their gaping, stretched out holes. It's like a group of drunk bros broke into an abandoned home and went sucking and fucking from room to room. The fucking is hard and aggressive and ends in massive loads of cream pumped deep into their backsides. It ain't pretty, but then it wasn't meant to be.

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