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Hot Brazilian Kink Play Is Going Down Over at Fetishmen


Dildos and Piss Play and Whips, Oh My!

Take a smooth, tatted, slender piggy bottom who seems down for anything like Vini Roseti, and release him to the punishing hands of a bulky, hirsute hot Muscle Bear like Woofpigboy (heretofore referred to as Daddy) and you have some hot and steamy kink action that drips with sweat, desire, animal lust in their scene "Vini Gets the Whip." These two Brazilian hotties engage in some erotic BD/SM play that includes bondage, over-sized dildos, riding crop/flogger and piss. Vini submits eagerly and with the lusty greed of a pig bottom, and Daddy is there to fulfill his pervy needs over at Fetishmen, the kink site produced by former KinkMen director/performer Dominic Pacifico.

Bound to the ceiling with leather straps, his lower face covered in a shiny leather mask, Vini first relinquishes himself to Daddy's riding crop as it's slapped over his tender nipples, torso, cock and balls. I never thought Portuguese could sound so domineering and sexual, but coming from the mouth of Daddy, it has the same effect as a good guttural German which is a total turn-on in the midst of a kink scene. Daddy gruffly grabs Vini's swelling meat and ball sack in his thick powerful hand, giving it gentle...then not so gentle...smacks with the crop. All the while, Vini twists and turns in agonized delight, bound to the whim of the bearded, handsome top. Daddy is incredible looking with his thick barrel chest delicately covered in fur, the tats peaking through, and topped with a shiny chain around his bulging neck. He exudes a smoldering masculinity as he works Vini over that would get any vanilla guy to consider slightly rougher-edge sex. When he raises his arm and forces Vini's face deep into his hair pit to sniff, you know that scent is better than poppers!

Moving from the crop to a flogger, the energy gets ramped up, as does Daddy's forcefulness in his wielding of the instruments. Vini's skin reddens in responses and his verbal reactions become enhanced with natural, less performative reactions. The cracks against his ass cheeks have an audible sting as the degradation continues. Daddy continues the flogging abuse as he forces Vini to his knees, licking his boots with a rope around his neck (there's a lot going on here!) followed by a hot stream of piss delivered from his uncut hose into Vini's mouth and face, splashing the golden shower dousing his head, torso, and crotch. The bottom slut is here for all of it, and Daddy is ready to give it.

In the sling, Vini is opened up wide with the insistent plunging of a large, forearm-thick dildo worked up his tight chute. This pummeling is what drives both men over the edge as Vini shoots a stream of creamy jizz, followed by Daddy blowing his own cummy load all over his plaything's wide-spread ass. Seat-soaked, piss-soaked, cum-soaked...Vini got what he needed.

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