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Scenes From Raging Stallion’s New Feature “Just Sex” Start Dropping Today


Beau Butler And Jake Nicola Sizzle In The First Look.

Raging Stallion has a new full-length video coming out on October 8th, but you can check out the first scene From Just Sexdirected by Tony Dimarco today. Featuring one of their Exclusive performers Beau Butler, and fan-favorite Jake Nicolathese two stunning muscle bears get "back to basics" as the press release states.

But guys, believe me, there's nothing "basic" about these two humping and pumping. If by "basic" they mean it's stripped down and premise-and-pretense-free, then I'll take it. Just two incredible-looking men doing what two sexually-charged men do with each other, taste cock and drill holes. The full DVD/download, which also stars Exclusives Cole Connor and Reign, along with Chris Damned, Ian Holmes, and Roman Todd, comes available on October 8th on the Falcon/NakedSword store.

Opening shot: Beau stretched out naked on a loft-level bed, Jake climbs the stairs in his dress clothes, utters a low "woof!" and proceeds to undress, climbing on top of Beau as he kisses and licks his way from his fuzzy ass to his neck, grinding his crotch against the super-bottom's beautiful bubble butt. Aaaaaand... I'm dead! (Mr. Bookbear leaves for a cold shower so he can get through this!) Okay, where were we?

Jake proceeds to get down and eat Beau's hairy hole like he skipped breakfast and lunch, making his buddy moan and squirm beneath his tonguing expertise. But his cock needs attention and he stands on the bed so Beau can do his own expert-level oral stimulations on Jake's thick hard meat. As gorgeous as Beau is with that dick sliding in and out of his face, it's the cropped shot of Jake, from his hairy tits up to his devilishly-wicked grin topped by his thick dark beard, his arm raised above his head revealing his dark pit hair, looking down and muttering "Yeah that feels good" that was somehow just as hot as watching what was actually being down to him. That's how good this all is.

Of course, Beau can't get enough of that pole plumbing the depths of his throat, but where he really wants it is stretching his hole open, and he climbs on and rides Jake's cock to satisfy his own need. These two are simply stunning together, Jake's dick pumping in and out as Beau moans and groans and leans in to give passionate kisses, the two hirsute beauties swapping beard hair and spit. Jake truly makes Beau his bitch when he flips him over and drives his manhood in with relentless thrusts, reaching forward and sticking his fingers in Beau's mouth, absolutely owning his holes as Beau exclaims "Yeah, that's your hole, take your hole."

On his back, Beau gets the remaining sexual energy from his top stud as Jake pounds his fuzzy cheeks, the sweat pouring over his muscular frame, until he gives a final shudder, his body tensing in orgasmic release as he explodes his jizz deep in Beau's backside. Continuing to fuck his buddy, Beau's uncut sausage shoots its own wad of sticky goodness before Jake pulls out, and we get a nice view of his cum leaking from Beau's crack.

Just... wow.

Click the pic below to check it out for yourself at Raging Stallion.

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