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There’s A “Super Spreader” Over At Sketchy Sex


Bros And Bro Hoes Make For A Sketchy Group Fuck.

Andrew Powers, Sterling, Jesse Stone, Armando de Armas, Taylor, Grey Gold, Rick Hazard, Trent Marks, Aiden Langston, and Aspen all appear in Sketchy Sex's "Super Spreader," where a couple of bottoms take the cocks and loads of several gang-banging tops. It's all frenetic, quickly edited, and a bit chaotic in its execution and construction as this group of horny bros all unleash their masculine, pent-up energy on each other. It comes off as if a frat house held a party and no chicks showed up, and they didn't realize no women would be there until after they'd already reached a point of substance-induced horniness... so now what? Okay, let's bang the hell out of each other instead! Of course, like most Sketchy Sex scenes, you get the sense that that's really where they wanted to end up anyway.

You'll forgive me if I don't identify, or correctly identify, particular performers in describing the action, seeing as how jumbled all the similar-looking bodies become at some points. The dim lighting, the constant movement, and the at-times fuzzy camerawork make precise facial recognition a near Herculean task. But I'll do my best. Because really, they all just meld together as one seething, amorphous, pumping, and groaning mass of young flesh anyway. And it's totally hot!

Sterling, with his blond hair and tats, looks like a young surfer dude who walked into the wrong (right?) party and got thrown to the bottom. And what a bottom he is, as he's powerfully and merciless plowed on all fours, his stretched-out hole taking cock like a slutty champ. He gets a load fucked into him and he delights in showing this off, pushing some of it out before another stud walks up and fucks it back in him. And whoever is riding Aspen's thick dick looks fantastic as the sweat pours off him in rivulets, his hands grasping Aspen's handsome hairy chest for balance as he rides that cock for all it's worth, making Aspen's head fall back in sheer lusty pleasure.

Jesse is another intense power bottom, another blond with surfer looks. As he's getting banged by the versatile Sterling I half-expected someone to walk in with a pizza he'd ordered at an inappropriate time a' la ...Ridgemont High's Spicolli. That would make the line "YOU DICK!" take on a whole new meaning. At one point, Jesse is getting fucked on his back, legs over the shoulders of his top-at-the-moment, and he emits a no-touch cum load as it's fucked out of him simply by having his prostate stimulated. It takes him and the cameraman by surprise, the latter needing to jostle somewhat humorously between the body parts to get a shot of it.

The couplings and groupings all interchange and mix and meld as cocks and holes shift from one to the other based on the whims of the horny, indulgent, and testosterone-fueled young men. Hey, you put a few kids in a toy store and say "Go for it," there's gonna be some chaotic beautiful messes made as frantic, wild-eyed hands and other body parts reach and grab for whatever's in front of them. That's pretty much what we have here, kids in a toy store grabbing and sucking and fucking whatever is within reach.

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