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Casey Everett And Dalton Riley Are Next Door Buddies’ “Fuck Buddies”


Cute Is As Cute Does Whether Poolside Or Balls Deep In Butt

Over at Next Door Buddies, the home of good-looking, all-American next door types of guys who meet up, fall in lust, and bang, Casey Everett and Dalton Riley are having a relaxed, sunny California kind of day, lounging poolside and fast becoming "Fuck Buddies."

Both Everett and Riley are young and handsome, lean of body and energetic of spirit. Everett sports more of the tats and a surprisingly prominent dark beard, trimmed to a cutting edge, while his buddy Riley remains smooth-faced and athletically toned. Quite simply, they're way too cute to exist and I hate them already. JUST KIDDING! They're the kinda guys who exude youthful energy and sexual vitality, and it beams from their cute smiling faces.

We find them beside a pool, the sun gently baking their warm-toned skin as the water glistens behind them, reflecting and dancing as they playfully explore each other's forms. They spend a lot of time kissing, mouths passing over mouths, lips grazing cheeks, necks, torsos, and nipples in an erotically charged dance as they slowly heat up. Soon it's clothes-on grinding and dry humping, the kind you did as a youngster in the backyard, exchanging furtive stolen moments with a best friend, or later into adulthood, stealing those same moments in a hidden public corner because you just couldn't keep your hands off each other you headed home from the bar.

That grinding quickly leads to naked fondling and more as they move things indoors where Riley, in all his take-charge athletic prowess, really moves into top position. They enjoy each other's lengthening cocks as meat is swallowed down with aplomb. They savor the flavor of each other's sweat and masculine muskiness as faces get plowed before the assholes do. Riley especially really seems to get into orally satisfying Riley, although we all know it's purely selfish as he's clearly getting as much out of having his tongue lapping at Riley's shaft before sticking it deep in that fuzzy crack, eating him out to prep him for his dick.

Everett is our bottom here, and he looks fantastic with his lean, slightly hairy body prone before Riley's musculature as Riley pushes his hardened prick deep in his buddy's hairy crack. Everett has his head in the stratosphere as this hung god quickly works up to a feverish pace of pounding and plowing his hole in a variety of positions. it's not my favorite, but for these two, a reverse cowboy real does look great on them as Everett bucks and grinds against Riley's heaving chest.

To see where their cum loads land, you'll have to click the banner below to visit Next Door Buddies.


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