Shirtless Zac Efron Enlightened Douche Insta Thanksgiving

November 27, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Well there's a headline for commenter Mischa to decipher. While we were all posting douche photos this Thanksgiving weekend in attempts to out-douche our douchey friends, sassy starlet Zac Efron was douching all over all of us with his super douchy but still sexy shirtless Instagram pic! The former smoking hot actor and current GNC Rewards Card aficionado can be seen doing some Golden Hour beachside meditation on a large bench. Someone just so happened to snap Efron during his moment of reflection, and he posted the result to Instagram with the caption:

‪Feeling thankful for all the love and support I receive from my fans, family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving all. #gratitude ‬#thanksgiving 

While the angle is further away from the action than we would like, this photo is actually of note considering that, like his fellow pieces, Efron has been keeping on his Insta shirt for the most part recently. It's a frankly disturbing trend that's all but run Nick Jonas' Gay Internet reputation into the damn ground. So while Efron is obviously a douche - for more reasons than one - and not the twunkilicious actor he once was, I am thankful that he posted this fame ho pic. It's what the pilgrims would have wanted!

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