Dakota Rivers Shoots A MASSIVE Load Of Cum All Over Adam Ramzi!

November 9, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Adam Ramzi and Dakota Rivers hook up on a bench press bench in the final episode of Titan's "LA Cruising"

[WATCH: LA Cruising Scene Four - Titan Men]

Not only was the cum shot huge, it flew so far it hit Adam in the face. Literal feet of cum.

Talk about a body pump. AND talk about a cumshot! Dakota Rivers gave BOTH to Adam Ramzi as they met on a sidewalk, cruised each other, then fucked in a gym-like space.

You can't be tall, handsome, well-endowed, muscular, shoot ropes of cum that fly everywhere, AND be a TOP. You can only pick two of these. But that's how ALL the men in Titan's "LA Cruising" are - so hot that they don't even need to use words to hook up.

In Scene 1, We saw Tristan Jaxx make a return to gay porn after a 4-year hiatus (and he can still cum with the best of them, as Jeremy Spreadums found out):

[WATCH: LA Cruising Scene 1 - Titan Men]

Then Tex Davidson just gave Jacob Durham the look, and then Jacob gave Tex's dick the smell:

[WATCH: LA Cruising Scene Two - Titan Men]

And Bruce Beckham made Micah Brandt's eyes roll back into his head:

[WATCH: LA Cruising Scene Three - Titan Men]

And now, we have Adam giving Dakota a little oral action first!

And even though Dakota is getting his cock sucked, let's not ignore the beauty that is Adam Ramzi's cock.

From Titan Media:

A furtive glance. A lock of the eyes. A knowing nod. It’s the dance strangers play as they cross paths on the street, a quiet yet carnal seduction. A sidewalk stare has the scruffy faces of Adam Ramzi and Dakota Rivers lip locked, the two trading sucks before Adam takes it deep—and gets a massive squirt all over his head and chest.

So besides being perfect, Dakota Rivers is the type to lick it before he sticks it.

So he's perfect plus.

One he's got Adam's hole nice and wet (and they've completed the bareback portion), Dakota slides a condom on and slides inside Adam. 

And THEN the cumshot heard 'round the world.

If only every hookup went like this.

Are your cumshots massive and fly feet, like Dakota Rivers'? How far do your cumshots go?


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