"You Wanted To See If I Was In The Mood? Well I'm Always In The Mood"

November 7, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Markie More and Dalton Riley take their mutual handjob relationship to the next step!

[WATCH: "Handjobs To Straight Ass" - Next Door Raw]

These best friends finally do what they've both wanted to for a long time - have a bareback romp at Next Door Raw

It's happened to all of us really, and I'm sure it's happened to you.

You are Dalton Riley. You show up announced at your bro Markie More's house for some bro-job action:

You get him to take his cock out so you can lube it up:

And next thing you know, it's in your mouth!

If that one time when you were eating sushi and playing beer pong in your Halloween costume, then suddenly a cock was in your mouth happened, then surely this has happened to you before. 


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From Next Door Raw:

When Dalton Riley knocks on Markie More's door, Dalton thinks he knows what he's about to get into. He and Markie go way back, having engaged in quite a few mutual handjobs before, but as Dalton quickly finds out, Markie has a few other things he'd like to try. He asks Dalton to suck him and Dalton hesitantly agrees, taking Markie's hard on into his mouth and tonguing it slowly before downing it all the way. 

And the next thing you know, YOUR cock is in HIS mouth too!

A little 69ing never hurt anyone.

Pretty soon, you two are getting what you both wanted.

And neither one can stop until there's cum everywhere.

Where do you think their sexual relationship will take them next?

Have you ever had friendships that turned sexual, like Markie and Dalton?


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