Former A-Teens Member Dhani Lennevald Shows Off In A Series Of Restroom Selfies

October 3, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Back when The ABBA Generation was released by A-Teens in 1999, something told me I'd see one of those cute boys years later in various states of undress. I was beginning to think it was just my own teen dream that would never come true, but today that day has come. One of the Swedish pop group's former members, Dhani Lennevald, let it all hang out in a series of solo shots. 

Dhani, who was the cute af blonde that basically stole my teenage heart back in the day, has grown into quite the sexy specimen. From his perfectly structured jawline, to his rock hard abs, and down to his delicious-looking dick, Dhani's personal photo shoot shows he's still got a lot going for him these days, even if he's no longer "dancin' on the ceiling."

Check him out as he gets a bit carried away and goes from innocent shirtless shots to giving us some tasty testicular snaps. 

These days Dhani is more focused on songwriting and producing (when he's not too busy sneaking pics without those tight pants on). His social media is also chock full of hot shots featuring delicious Dhani and a few of his hot friends. Check out his Instagram to see for yourself.

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