The Three Ss - Scout, Shower, Sex

July 21, 2015 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Osiris Blade Creates An Updated Version of "Shit, Shower, Shave" With Krave More

Your alarm goes off at 5 AM, like it does every day.

You turn it off, put on some clothes - a tight wife beater, and compression shorts to show off your bulge...just in case you see him - and head to the gym.
It's leg day, so you head to the rack and get your squats on - You're trying to get your body right for summer, with its pool parties galore...and you want to show off in case you see him.

You are basically Osiris Blade.

And "him" is Krave More.

Krave comes in for his workout, as Osiris hoped, and he grabs the next rack over to do some squats. Osiris catches his glances in the mirror, and sees him staring at his crotch, but it's not like he's not doing the same thing.

After Osiris's workout he goes to the locker room to take a shower and get ready for his day. When he gets out, he see the erection Krave's worked up under his towel. He sees Osiris looking, and pulls it out so Osiris can get a better look. But it' so big it's not like he needs a better look. Osiris drops to his knees to service that huge cock (like he didn't just have a leg day!) and then he stretches his legs apart to let Krave's tongue in. 

They then proceed to bang each other out - Krave fucks Osiris first, and then they reverse the rolls as Osiris returns the favor. 

It's the best way to ease those aching muscles - and that throbbing one - after a strenuous workout. Maybe they'll run into each other again soon - same time, same place, same 3 Ss.

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