Nude Warwick Rowers New Calendar Brings YUMMY Asses


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The Warwick Rowers are super important for LGBT rights, and as if that wasn't enough, they show their asses too! The real cause. My bank of spank. The boys all make it a point for us to know that they're straight, because ew holes, but by stripping down for their calendar, they're "uncovering" injustice. Or something. The calendar's producer Angus Malcolm has this to say:

The Warwick Rowers are brilliant sports and great allies to the gay community. They're straight men confronting their privilege and becoming part of the solution. The nudity in our calendar is therapeutic and purposeful. Weve been contacted by many people who were bullied by sportsmen at school and find that the Rowers have helped them come full circle.

Not therapeutic for my underwear! The Rowers are all freakishly attractive, and their bodies are all so uniformly ripped that it's like watching the movie 300. But less gay. Of course, the real stars here are their asses, which only seem to get plumper and fuzzier over the years. Check out all the gooey goodness in the gallery above and let us know how much these guys have helped you accept your sexuality over and over again into a tissue in the comments below!  



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