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St. Patrick's Catholic School provides precisely the kind of same-sex spiritual guidance for boys that one expects from the SayUncle network of sites. Instead of leather clad nuns wielding rulers, on YesFather.com the penitent will find an assortment of super-young-for-a-priest male clergy members ready to take their young, smooth-bodied, submissive, and eager-to-please 18 23 year old charges on a journey into the Body of Christ like they never imagined.

Unlike the litigated sex within the genuine article of faith, St. Patrick's School specializes in consensual encounters between innocent youth whose natural inclinations draw them toward other males, and male authority figures for whom denial of female intimacy is no hardship. Power play is naturally part of the appeal of religious based fantasy, so these representatives of the Christ on earth leverage all manner of scenarios into cock sucking and bare ass fucking encounters.

Still a little light in the loafers as far as content goes, this recently launched sacrament sacrilege currently contains 45 videos and 35 models. Weekly updates have brought it to that number and the site seems poised for regular freshness. The performers, some familiar and some less so, are consistently attractive and their couplings compelling. While it will likely resonate more strongly with the fallen Catholic who has fetishized the clergy, the content is cock-engorging regardless of faith of origin.

Most scenes feature sex between a priest and a student or altar boy, but there is some youth-youth and priest-priest carnality, all with enough storyline, costumes, and props to build context and interest in future updates, but not so much that action drags. Available in DRM-free MP4 format, everything is mobile compatible, meaning that there are multiple opportunities to sin here, because Father knows best.

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