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Try Being Frank

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In a rampantly disposable world, Frankie Valenti challenges his fans and followers to TryBeingFRANK.com, meaning to invest in products that are the result of Functional Repurposed Artistic Natural Kraftsmanship, such as those found on his website.

What this translates to for the average lover of former porn stars and their post-porn projects is a handsome assortment of wearable fashion items including masks, hoodies, t-shirts, caps, underwear, naughty silver pendants, photos, both autographed and not, and even repurposed clam shells and booze bottle lamps. Visitors can browse through and purchase completed items that are priced and showcased on the site or they can contact Valenti directly to collaborate on a custom piece.

Those who choose the collaborative path can give renewed life to their own well-worn personal garments thanks to Frankie's sewing machine and a combined creative vision. Thanks to being Frank, there's no need to say goodbye forever to a favorite pair of jeans, vest, or jacket. Instead, Frankie can patch or stitch them back to health, or by working as part of a team, he can create something uniquely meaningful from a portion of them.

Frankie's site is pleasant on the eyes, in no small part because he serves as its sole model. This makes it possible to not only admire the goods, but to admire Frankie's goods with a variety of looks including natural mohawk, blue mohawk, shaved head, clean faced, bearded. It's like a functional gallery chronicling not only the quality products available for purchase but phases in a talented man's life. Beyond that bit of shallow beefcake admiration is the fact that products are well presented, images can be enlarged to show greater detail, garments appear to be of good quality if in limited sizes, and international shipping is possible.

Click Here To Visit Try Being Frank

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