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On the list of websites that should come with a trigger warning, you will find ScoutBoys.com. There are obviously real-world associations that some will find troubling but, as is so often the case with porn, it is important to remember that the action is consensual, between adults who want to be there, and depicts forbidden fantasies that many men privately confess to having.

Whether it's part of a uniform fetish, a youthful yearning for the power of an older man, or a mature daddy's longing to guide and control a fresh-faced charge, those who enjoy indulging in this fantasy will find this site uniquely satisfying. There are both peer exploration videos and scout/leader scenes, video quality is impressive, and everyone is fuckable (or fuck-by-able).

Carnal Media, the same creative hive mind that brings the World Wide Web GrowlBoys, FunSizeBoys, and BoyForSale is responsible for ScoutBoys. It's almost as though there were a unifying theme to the site contents. The stars of these scouting stories will be familiar to Carnal Media fans, and the Scouts and Leaders are each given their own info pages with photos and gossipy text.

With Scout Leaders like Legrand Wolf, Felix Kamp, and Dolf Dietrich lending a guiding hand, and other body parts, to twinkishly comely Scouts like Austin L. Young, the quality of the fuckery is guaranteed to be high. At this stage of the game, however, the fuckery is also in limited supply, if accompanied by an impressive number of downloadable still images. These are available in four sizes, including the largest in HD. The site is attractive, easy to navigate, full of information about the scenes and performers, and features quite a number of special offers and exclusive deals on other site subscriptions. The price feels a little steep, but for those who dig the stories of sodomy told by Scouts around the campfire, ScoutBoys.com is as close to the real thing as anyone should likely get.

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