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Asian men are grossly under-represented in erotic materials, both gay and straight. GDude-jp.com sees that as a problem needing a solution. More importantly, the site, which features both Chinese and Japanese men who love men, is part of the solution.

Launched in spring of 2020, G-Dude currently has more than 80 exclusive MP4 videos, each capable of being streamed to computer or mobile device. The brainchild of Gunryu, the site's "Asian Daddy," content is updated weekly and defies stereotypes about Asian men left, right, and center. For starters, Gunryu is a strapping and versatile performer heavy into fitness, who once owned a porn shop and this year starred in some Japanese gay porn, where he developed a sweet tooth for the dicks, mouths, and assholes of other men. Now, he's living the good life, collecting muscular, super fit, sexy Asian friends who look great on camera and aren't afraid to be seen expertly sucking and fucking one another.

Each video comes with a short explanation of the scene's theme or setup, the performers, and what sort of sex to expect. Additionally, each includes a gallery and clickable images of the scene's models, leading to more of their scenes. Members can leave comments and vote a thumbs up or down, so the site is not merely a passive experience but one that Gunryu appears to want members to feel a part of.

All the footage features two or more men together, none of it bareback, with plenty of group sex and kink, meaning that Gunryu explores a range of sexual territory that some less woke white folks may find surprising. Bondage and predicament sex, suit and uniform fetish, puppy play, and fitness center focused sex all combine with big cocked Asian men in a powerfully arousing fashion on G-Dude. With its frequent updates, hot men, creative scenarios, and a site host who bottoms as comfortably as he tops, G-Dude has a lot to recommend it. Also: Gunryu (aka Duncan Ku) looks amazing in a leather body harness.

Those of us resistant to the metric system will find the stats on the main models' profile pages less than satisfying, however, since the average American is going to have no idea how long a 16/4cm cock is. Completely unavailable is the country of origin for each model. The site is still young and hopefully these minor annoyances will be addressed in time.

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