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There are some really big guys in this movie ' the operative word being BIG! Francesco D'Macho and Tyler Johnson get things going in the first scene when they decide to take a lunch break. After Francesco proclaims that he's hungry, Tyler informs him that he's got something that the famished Francesco can eat. As Francesco pulls Tyler's jockstrap off, Tyler's cock ' which is already heard ' bounces out sticking straight out. Francesco is a pretty skilled cocksucker and is able to take Tyler's big, fat tool all the way down his throat again and again. Tyler returns the favor by sucking on Francesco's uncut dick, and has no problem getting it down his throat. It's impossible not to get hard when you see Tyler rolling Francesco's foreskin back and flicking the head with his tongue. After a good rimming Francesco is able to take all of Tyler inside of him with the top eventually busting a nut all over Francesco's pretty face.

Before Francesco can cum Ross Hurston (the boss) walks in on the two and fires Tyler, but demands a blowjob from Francesco. The action is continuous giving those who enjoy watching extended sex scenes something to be happy about. Francesco switches things up by screwing the daylights out of Ross who begs for it throughout. Ross is an enthusiastic bottom and bounces on Francesco's rod until he has to jump off of it and shoot his load all over his own stomach.

Another scene involves a hot threesome between Francesco, Kyle King and Tim Kruger. Kyle immediately puts his beautiful pink lips to good use as he gets on his knees and sucks both of them until they get hard ' with those lips it doesn't take long. Tim even shoves Kyle's head all the way down until he is smashed into Francesco's pubes. The two rotate positions and do the same thing again while Kyle tries his best not to choke on all the fat cock he's being forced to swallow. If you're a fan of Hot House videos, you know that Kyle King is a big old bottom that loves nothing more than to be plugged up on both ends. Francesco goes first forgetting himself and sticking his dick in very quickly, which leaves King a little breathless. Again, the two switch positions and Kyle screams out as his hole is brutally violated by Tim's uncut piece of meat. The two trade positions several times until the two tops finally bust a nut all over Kyle's face.

Other hot scenes you won't want to miss include one with Eddie Diaz, and Tony Mecelli. Tony's huge cock enjoys fucking Ross Hurston's nice warm hole in a scene that will definitely make you want to release your own load.

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