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White Heat Trunks 4

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At two hours and ten minutes running time, Steven Scarborough's Trunks 4 is white hot! Christoph Scharff and Francesco D'Macho kick things off and take it to a boiling point when Francesco D'Macho quickly pulls Scharff's fat, uncut cock out of his Speedos. He really gets into Scharff's dick and swallows it whole before going on to bite on the foreskin gently pulling it with his mouth. By the time Scharff pulls D'Macho's own manhood out, he's already stiff and raring to go. D'Macho may act tough and fuck like a burly top, but it's clear that he loves bottoming just as much. He's so fucking turned on, after riding Scharff's pole that he literally has to pull out barely making it up before he pops all over Scharff's face. Scharff's own popshot looks more like a garden hose expelling water than it does a dick popping out jizz.

Later on in the movie, Thom Barron finds that he can't help get hard when he spots Tyler Saint sunning himself poolside. Luckily for Thom, Tyler is horny and raring to go. Both dudes are pretty hung, which only makes it more intoxicating to watch when they start sword fighting. Saint works his tongue over every inch of the shaft and balls making Thom groan with enthused delight. In the end only one of them can be the top, and you can bet good money that it's going to be Saint. You wouldn't think that anyone would be able to take all 11 inches down his throat, but if anyone is up for the challenge it's Park Wiley who joins in on the fun. At one point Saint jumps from ass to mouth back to ass again with no breaks in between. It must feel good to be king!

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