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Up In Smoke

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From just reading the title, you might think that this movie is about cigarette smoking, but nothing could be further from the truth. See, Smoke is the hot stud that ends up getting into a whole lot of mischief throughout this film.

The first scene starts off with Brady who admits that he's a gay dude who has sucked a lot of straight guys off in the past. Brady has invited three straight dudes over and the four of them end up squeezing into the couch while they drink beer watch straight porn. It's amazing what straight guys will do to get off, and the four guys immediately begin playing with their dicks. The gay guy looks like he's in heaven as the other three begin to unzip their pants and show off the outline of their super-hard cocks. If you think Brady is going to be doing all the work you're wrong. Once the guys unleash their dicks anything goes, and the four quickly find a dick to fill their mouths with. We even get some hot rimming action before everything comes to an explosive end, and Brady shows just how much he of a cum whore he truly is.

Jay and Doug talk the boys through some of their very first gay sexual experiences without being distracting. In fact, if it weren't for them the whole thing would probably be quite boring. Ethan and straight guy Smoke star in another scene where Doug and Jay can't say enough good things about the straight guy's ass. One of the director's even shoves his face in Smoke's ass and rims him. Smoke can't help but moan in pleasure and Ethan, who has shed his pants and surprises us with a big, fat uncut cock, gets in there and makes him moan even harder. The action quickly unfolds into a four-gy, but the action is just beginning.

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