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The Drifter

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The main themes in the Drifter are trust, betrayal, and forgiveness. The first scenes have Logan McCree cast as a loving boyfriend going away on a trip. When there are changes to his flight, he returns home early to find his lover (RJ Danvers) giving an amazing blowjob to his side-fuck Luke Hass! Not one for drama, he throws the roses at them and then leaves. And the stage is set for some amazing revenge fucks and then, of course, a horny make-up scene.

In an almost surreal and Cocteau-esque twist, McCree runs out of the apartment in a daze of unreality. He somehow winds up at some docks, but then ends up sleeping in a cave. He rests, but then heads out into a heavy storm to seek real shelter. He comes across a cabin in the woods and his knocking is answered by sexy Vinnie D'Angelo in a towel. He's happy to take in the wet and clearly distraught McCree. There's no sex and both are well-behaved, but there is clear sexual tension and a sort of bond growing between these two.

The next scene is a steamy three-way with Manuel DeBoxer, Damian Rios, and Scott Tanner. McCree and d'Angelo come across them and watch for a few minutes, but then move on — although clearly turned on and hungry to get it on, but still conflicted.

There are a lot of guys in this film, but that's okay — because this is a double DVD set that is packed full of quality content. No filler here. They needed the second DVD just to hold all of this stuff. From bottom to top, it's a first-class production. The great Music is by well-known composer JD Slater, but thankfully it never overwhelms the moans and groans that are the real music to our ears. The film is presented in 1.85:1 widescreen with English Dolby Digital 2.0 sound. The scenes are beautifully composed, with lots of interesting camera angles and full use of the screen real estate to take in those gorgeous male bodies and beautiful backdrops. The disc also includes some hot trailers, which are also useful for those quickie wanks when you want a little bit of everything and lots of money shots! At 120 minutes, it's the kind of title you'll want to watch again and again.

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