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The Best of Matthew Rush Vol. 1

Watch The Best of Matthew Rush Vol. 1 Now

The once lifetime exclusive for Falcon may have gotten released from his contract at his own request, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy watching him in this compilation video that packs nine of Rush's best scenes in this two-hour extravaganza. The action kicks off with Matthew, Hans Ebson and Hans Hintern, from the movie 'Bounce', as they huddle side-by-side stroking each other's bodies. Everything unfolds quickly with Hintern dropping to his knees and freeing both dicks from their white Calvin's before stuffing them into his mouth. While the two get serviced from Hintern, Rush and Ebson kiss each other tenderly. Rush ends up fucking both guys in the end, and drops a creamy load onto Ebson's face. Who in turn drops his own load onto Hintern's dick and stomach while Rush's cum drips down his face.

Next up is a scene from 'Defined' which features Rush with the very good looking Joe Foster. The two caress each other as Rush digs into Foster's underwear and pulls out his erect peter. There's obvious chemistry between the two as they kiss, and caress each other sensually. Foster has a beautiful dick that Rush is happy to drop to his knees for and suck. Although this is Rush's movie, it's hard not to be distracted by Foster who is beautiful, masculine, and hung. Although Matthew does end up topping in the end, there is a moment where Joe rubs his unprotected dick up and down Rush's crack. Foster even drops down and licks Rush's ass to make friction more slippery. They obviously don't bareback, but it does appear as if the head of Joe's dick does pop in just a little. These two get very inventive with their fucking, and Joe literally gets fucked in a position where he continually rubs his cock against Rush's chest which ultimately makes him cum.

With every scene being as hot as the last one (including a jaw-dropping group scene) this jam-packed flick is definitely a compilation which any porn collector is bound to enjoy again and again.

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