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Talon, Kai and Kyle start off on the couch with their hands already down their pants. Kyle is the newbie out of the three and admits being a true bisexual, which means he'll have to do double duty since the other two claim to be straight. For someone who hasn't had that much experience smoking dick ' only about three years ' Kyle knows exactly what to do. The two enjoy abusing his mouth but it's Kai who actually ends up busting his nut all over Kyle's pretty face.

Later, we find Lucas visiting from Texas. Lucas who has never seen snow lets his inner kid loose as he throws snowballs and makes snow angels, but it's what's hidden in his jeans that really has us interested. Apparently, everything is big in Texas as we soon find out. The two dudes unleash their cocks and let the directors get to work. Those not familiar with Doug and Jay should know that their mouths have seen a lot of cock through the years, so they've really become expert cock suckers.

A little later we have another hot three-way of hot guys who enjoy smoking the pole. We even get treated to a little two on one tag-team as they devour their buddy's fat, long cock. The dude is so big it takes both of them to get him rock hard, but rest assured that when the cum starts flying someone will have to clean it up!

At just under two hours running time, this is the perfect movie for those who enjoy watching a lot of oral action!

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