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Some boys just love the taste if dick in their mouths more than anything else in the world. The three stars of this movie definitely fall into this category. Elliot Cross, and Kyle Brooks have traveled to St. Louis because they have heard that there are plenty of cocks to suck in the city. They're making out in their hotel when the first guy walks into their room. The two waste no time in making him feel more comfortable by pulling his clothes off, and attacking his cock with fervor. They swap back and forth until the boy shoots his load, and they make sure that they don't let one drop go to waste! As would be expected there is plenty of cock-sucking and cum eating, but there's also some fucking as well.

One guy in particular is really fucking hot, and both guys are clearly excited to get him naked and see how far they can take things. The cute stud does not disappoint and really gets into having two dudes sucking his cock at the same time. Before long he's breathing heavy and moaning in anticipation of the load he's about to pop out over Elliot's face.

In another scene the duo bump into the same hot guy that they had hooked up with on the previous day. They invite themselves into his room, and take things much further than a blowjob. Although Elliot and Kyle have been doing most of the cum eating this time the cute guy ends up getting his fill as well. Before he can get his reward there is sucking to be done, and he even gets his ass pounded by Elliot before they all up end up getting bathed in each other's cum. These two definitely know how to have fun when they go on vacation. We can't wait to see where they will go next!

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