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If you're going be a bottom in a TIM film you have to know how to take a good pounding especially when your ass is going to be turned into a Sperm Bank by tons of studly tops packing big sausages between their legs.

The first scene starts off with three guys embedding their cocks into Pat Jackson's ass. After they've each had their turn breeding him, Mark Sergeant goes back for seconds — a few long strokes in Jackson's ass is all it takes before he's ready to unleash his second load. One of the hottest moments ' and it's seriously hot — is when Sergeant dumps his load into Jackson's hole. His cock is halfway in Jackson's hole and you can visually see his entire cock twitching as the cum races from his nut-sac, down his long shaft, and into Jackson's ass. Even as he pulls out there are still droplets of cum oozing out of his fat cock head.

Another scene in the movie is a full on gang-bang like only TIM can do. TIM exclusive Christian plays the role of the Sperm Bank, and it's not very long before he gets his sweet hole plugged by a very large dick. It's impossible to keep up with all the cocks in the room, but Christian does a good job. As one cock is being pulled out to make room for another one, his mouth clamps down on whatever throbbing tool is the closest. His body is soon clogged with cum from both ends. The jizz that has been shot into his ass is lapped up by a cum hungry dude that goes as far as shoving his fingers into Christian's ass in order to lap up every last drop.

The final scene has one guy being fucked on a pool table while the number of guys surrounding him seems to multiply. With this many cum hungry dudes, TIM will be making videos for a long time to come.

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