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Sadistic Satyrs

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There can be no question about the fact that the men in this film are pigs. Right when you think all the hot fucking is done the guys move to the shower, but not to clean up. The bottom gets a hose shoved up his ass that dumps a ton of water inside of him. Once, he's nice and full the hose is pulled out and the clear water comes shooting back out. While he's getting hosed he's also sucking on one guy's cock while another one chomps on his nipples. He gets hosed again and this time he is expected to hold the water in for as long as possible. The top plugs him with his finger and encourages him to squeeze his cheeks. Once he's in position he tells the bottom to let it all out and opens his mouth as he gets squirted with ass water. One of the dudes watching gets so hot and bothered that he shoves his raw cock inside of him, but it just isn't enough. He asks for his buddy to fill the bottom's ass with water and shoves himself inside before the water can be released. The bottom moans in pain as he releases the water while getting fucked which makes noises that are not unlike a fart.

The four switch things around and another guy gets his ass filled with water and this dude can store a lot more. As he's squirting it out another guy stands in the line of fire and takes an impromptu shower with the guy's ass water. This particular guy ends up getting pounded by several of the guys before they shove a funnel into his ass. It's the type of funnel that makes his hole gape, and all the guys take their turns dropping their loads into his open hole.

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