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Rudeboiz 8: Hung Ladz XXL

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If you're looking for a film with cute guys with huge coke bottle cocks your search is over. It's clear from the pained looks on the bottoms' faces while they are getting fucked that they're definitely straining to accommodate such big tools. The top in scene three is so huge you'll wonder how it's possible for him not to pass out from blood loss. Seriously, he's got the biggest, thickest, most perfect cock you've ever seen.

There's also a fun three-way with dark-haired twinks who've got some really nice packages between their legs. The action starts with two of the guys sucking on the third guy's nipples and then moving down to the main course. All the boys' dicks are hard and straining against their underwear waiting to be let out. The trio have a great time swapping b.j.s before the hottest guy out of the three decides he needs to get his cock massaged, and the perfect way to massage it is by slipping his thick shaft into a tight hole.

These hung, hot European guys should definitely not be missed!

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