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Robin Hyde is homeless and needs a place to stay. Fortunately, he finds Sebastian Court who offers to help the young lad out. Unbeknownst to him, Court is a pimp daddy who already has five other boys living in his house. In return for room and board, Court expects his boys to work as escorts, do online shows and anything else that can make them money. Before Robin gets a chance to settle into his new home Court drags him into his bedroom and shows him the law of the land. Court's got a big dick and leaves poor Robyn feeling pretty soar. His housemates Ian (Ian James) and Joey (Tommy Trent) are there to explain everything he needs to know about being a rent boy, and regale him with some of their best and worst experiences.

At one point, Ian and Joey have to teach Robin how to use certain sex toys. Ian and Robin sit there casually while Joey sits with his ass exposed. Ian explains to Robin to make sure that he uses a lot of lube, and shows him what he's talking about by using Joey as a guinea pig. First he loosens the hole with one of his fingers before he ultimately shoves a whole dildo inside of him. The three end up doing it with each other before Ian and Joey go off on an outcall.

There are plenty of scenes featuring hot three-way action including one where Ian has two guys bent over and he moves back and forth between them like the pro that he is. There are also plenty of hot models that get in on the sucking and fucking, and plenty of variation guaranteeing that there's something for everyone.

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