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Raw Rods 2: Gangsta Juice

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Everybody loves a little gangsta love every once in a while, especially when they happen to be hung as Kris and Jermahl. It's surprising that these dudes don't just pass out when they get hard. Where does all that extra blood that has to pump their dicks come from? There's no doubt that watching two guys bareback can be really hot, but when there're as hung as the two guys in the first scene it just makes that much hotter. Before the top even slides it in he's driven the bottom crazy by rubbing his mushroom shaped head up and down his crack. To drive him over the edge he presses the tip against his hole without ever actually sticking it in. By the time he does slide it in the bottom believes he's ready, but it doesn't stop him from moaning and cussing from the sheer pain it brings him.

These thugs really like to get dirty too. In the second scene, after a good pounding, the top gets sucked-off by the bottom, and cums in his mouth, and on his face. Don't worry though, nothing goes to waste. As soon as he spreads it around his face he kisses the bottom and licks as much of it as possible forcing both of them to get a taste of spunk.

Those who like three-ways will definitely love the last scene between Hotrod, Manny Baby and Rock. These three thugs get in about every position you can imagine so that they can get rimmed, and sucked while doing some cocksucking of their own. They all trade off and eventually perform both the top and bottom roles. These gangstas definitely know what's up!

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