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Queens Plaza Pickup 2: Parole Denied

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If you've ever lived in New York and you're familiar with Queens, you'll know that Queens Plaza is one of the subway transfer hubs in all five of the cities main neighborhoods. The fantasy allure of this area has a lot to do with the idea of horny, twisted hoodlums who are just getting off the bus from Riker's Island and looking for the first available hole to fuck. They don't care if it's a mouth or an ass or a pussy and they don't care if you want it or not. They just need to jam their big black cocks into something warm and unload 10 or 20 years worth of sexual repression! Who cares if another rape charge will send them straight back to prison? These thugs think with their dicks and at least they'll go back to the slammer with new J/O memories in their heads.

In reality, the thugs of New York and its prisons come in all colors and from all backgrounds, but hey ' this is a fantasy for guys who like black hoodlums, not a public service announcement. And as a fantasy, it does exceptionally well.

The story line is well thought out and does a good job of setting the mood. The cover model, Afrikan Prince, is convincingly dangerous and you'll have no trouble believing that he'd make you his bitch within 5 minutes of seeing your ass out on the prison yard.

The film is filled with stars of black gay porn, but they all do a great job of taking on their roles. From the way these thugs threaten their public defenders and shove each other around, you'll have no problem believing that they're repeat offenders — especially when it comes to cock sucking, ass licking, and butt pounding. What up dawg — you ready to take care of your man?

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