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It's all about self-pleasure in this film that has guys flexing and posing for a still camera while a camera crew captures all the action. The guys slowly go from one pose to another as they expose every inch of their well-toned bodies. From these casting sessions have come many wonderful models who end up breaking into regular Bel Ami movies, but even those that don't make the cut are pretty drop-dead gorgeous.

Each guy has to show off something about himself that will make them stand out and make Bel Ami founder George Duroy take notice. The first guy up is a sandy haired, blue-eyed looker named Thomas Laine. Thomas has a beautiful face, great body and nice looking dick, but what's really impressive about him is his cum shot. Most guys will pop a few loads pretty far, and the rest won't be as explosive, but Thomas has a consistent long-shooting load that must make cleanup a bitch every time he pops one out.

Next up is Renato Amoroso ' a gorgeous dark-haired guy with expresiive eyes and low-hanging balls. If Renato had a superpower it would surely come from his bulbous dick.

Another stud that stands out in the group ' and what a group it is! ' is Jan Gabriel. Jan has what can only be described as the classic 'Bel Ami look' that includes a dick that sticks straight up when erect. As he brings himself to orgasm, you can't help but look at his scrunched face that looks even more beautiful and will have you dreaming of one day seeing that face in person.

Keanu Faria is one of those guys who has gone on to break into Bel Ami's mainstream movies and when you see his scene and how his six-pack tightens up before he covers his left nipple with cum you'll see why.

A definite must-have for those who love to watch amateur models pop their camera cherries!

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