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At some point one begins to believe that these street trash Brit boys are putting their hand in the cookie jar because they know daddy is going to get his belt out.

In Parole Officer Spank, director Keith Miller shows us what happens to English boys on the wrong side of the law. Officers Darby and Williams show these troubled youths what happens when you don't follow the rules.

Boys on the edge are punished by young Officer Darby and another more portly daddy type Officer Williams for a variety of infractions ranging from shoplifting to flashing. They spank their parolee's butts nice and pink and then Darby makes sure they understand their punishment by getting himself fucked.

After getting tag team spanked, a hot little pale flasher squirms and moans as he bottoms out the final scene of the flick. Getting his rosy butt plowed by a big thick dick without a rubber, he swears he's learned his lesson but this viewer isn't quite so sure he'll be avoiding this line of punishment in the future.

Jake Williams plays the daddy parole cop but is a welcome veteran of the BDSM porn community in this spanking hot flick. A hot look behind the scenes of light British butt slapping, this flick is sure to give you a tingling reminder of how good punishments for being bad used to be.

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