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Pack Attack 1: Kent North

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Kent North is one lucky guy. He gets to have 5 of the most well known studs in porn plow his ass. To put things into perspective, between Ricky Martinez and Jason Crew alone there's almost two feet of dick. Kent doesn't waste any time getting on his knees and servicing all the guys who are standing in a straight line. Jason Crew guesstimates that there is about 56 inches of ding dong between the five of them. That comes out to about 11 inches per guy! Ricky Martinez and Frederick Ford give his mouth a serious pounding as they rape it with their hard cocks. After he's gone up and down the line once through, he makes a pit stop at the guys' boots licking their black leather footwear.

There are just too many cocks to go around, and the guys find themselves splitting up while Kent dives in to certain cocks. Don't worry though because up to this point it's all sucking action. At one point in the scene, Frederick loosens Kent up with a huge dildo while Jason fucks his mouth furiously. You think the next scene is going to be Kent getting fucked, but in a nice surprise it's Jason who's getting fucked ' by his own dick! No, it's not a typo. Jason Crew is so hung he is able to fuck himself with his own schlong, and not just the tip. He's able to get a good portion of his dick in there! As the camera pans out, you see that Kent is indeed getting fucked in the background, but there's some more self satisfying action that needs to be seen to be believed. Sitting by Jason's head is Ricky Martinez who his sucking his own fat chorizo. Ricky's got about twelve inches of meat between his legs and works his foreskin with his teeth tongue and lips like no one else could.

As you can imagine Kent gets to experience a tremendous amount of enormous dicks. Even after being stretched by an oversized dildo, the bottom (who's getting fucked in a sling) can't help but scream out when Ricky finally pounds him. If you like watching hung, masculine men fucking, you're going to find yourself jerking off to this movie again and again.

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