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It is said that men think about sex on average about every thirty seconds, but when there are no women to satisfy their urges they are forced to turn to each other ' or at least they do in this release where the workplace literally becomes a fun playground!

Antonio Biaggi is clearly having impure thoughts about Aitor Crash in a red jock. It doesn't take long before the 11-inch hung top is buried face deep in Aitor's delicious hole. Antonio's tongue just isn't enough for Aitor who is dying to experience the feel of all that meat inside him. Luckily, Antonio is more that willing to comply, and ends up stretching the tight hole more than anyone has previously been able to ' with their dicks at least.

Later on, we find Manuel DeBoxer crashing at his friend's house after a hard day of work. RJ Danvers comes in to speak to him, but Manuel only understands French. They feebly attempt to hold a conversation, and RJ finally sticks in a porn ' which the sexy Canadian picked out. With someone so hot sitting next to him, RJ isn't able to concentrate on all the action occurring on the screen, and finally has to follow his urges and drop to his knees. He sucks the uncut cock before having his hole teased by Manuel's tongue, and finally a dildo. In a final twist, RJ bends Manuel over and fucks him with the dildo until he can't take anymore and has to shoot his load.

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