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No Rest in this Room

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There's nothing like watching 14 hot Argentinean men getting it on to get your wood popping.

At the beginning we see a horny young looking twink buying some porn at an adult shop. It's pretty obvious he's horny cause he pops into the mall restroom and unpacks his vibrator and his dirty mag, takes his clothes off and lubricates the dildo with his saliva before inserting it into his hole. As he pleasures himself two security guards walk in and are about to have a little fun of their own when they hear the groans coming from the stall. The two quickly handcuff him to a urinal and start using their own clubs as a dildo asking the young twink if he likes it.

After an amazing fuck session the twink goes back into the stall and tries to compose himself. Little does he know that two more guys have just walked in and are already naked by the time he tries to leave.

He stays in the restroom throughout the entire movie spying on all the random hook-ups that occur including one where the delectable Tommy Lima gets his ass pounded by a very well-endowed man.

The screen really sizzles when Gregorio and Manuel start making out. The two dudes have bodies like Adonis and nice uncut cocks that compliment their smoking bodies. Pretty soon Gregorio is fucking Manuel and they end up with an audience who watch them while they jerking themselves off. Not yet finished with business Manuel sticks around and keeps the party going.

There's nothing like hot sex and hot men to really get you turned on and this film exceeds all expectations.

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