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Naked Muscles: The New Breed

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It's hard to believe, but Colt has been making homoerotic art for over 40 years now. It shows in their work, though, because they are the best in the business. If you're into hairy-chested men between 25-45, Colt is always going to be your best bet for the hottest sex and the most gorgeous models.

Everything about Naked Muscles: The New Breed is dripping with quality. The direction, the videography, editing, music, and acting are all spot-on. Every scene is well lit, the action is all shot on high-quality video, and the guys are extremely into one another. There's no question that this is art.

The models here represent a nice mix of body-types. There are muscle gods as well as guys with just healthy tone, hairy chests as well as smooth, both cut and uncut dicks, etc. It's like the shabby chic of daddy porn.

The pacing might seem a little ponderous to folks raised on MTV-styled editing, but that is in no way a criticism because the camera work is excellent. This is porn that's made to savor without rushing. Like a good daddy, they make you wait a little while for the money-shots.

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