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These guys don't have dicks they have billy clubs, which is appropriate since one of the scenes has a top loosening up a bottom with one. It's nothing but giant dark meat sliding into tight white ass.

In one scene, a boy is caught shoplifting and says he'll do anything in order to stay out of trouble. Little does he know that his pleas will end up leaving him sore for days to come! The security guard forcefully makes him take as much of his dick as he can. Surprisingly, he's able to get it all the way down his throat without choking or gagging too much. Just watching that much cock going into an ass is bound to make you feel sore. He ends up getting thrown in every position imaginable as the top uses him as his personal masturbation toy. The bottom finally cums all over the guards six-pack abs, and the guard cums all over his pretty face.

In another scene a gorgeous black guy fucks the face of a white pretty boy, and his dick is fucking huge. You will not believe your eyes when you see the piece of meat that he carries around hidden underneath his clothes. He cock slaps the boy across the face and slams the tip of his head against the boy's tongue, and lips. While he's sucking it, the boy is working double time by trying to loosen up his own ass, but even his fingers can't prepare him for what's about to happen.

The dicks are so big that in another scene the top has to pull out of the guy. And that's before he even gets to shove it in all the way!

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