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Michael Lucas’ Auditions: Volume 26

Watch Michael Lucas’ Auditions: Volume 26 Now

The latest addition to Michael Lucas' popular Audition series kicks things off with Jason Crew and of course Michael Lucas. For those who can't get enough of Michael, you're in luck because the Russian stud appears in every scene topping a slue of hot guys. Those familiar with the format know that Lucas will usually interview the guy before getting down to business. The format hasn't changed but it is kind of hot to see him close in on Jason and begin to kiss him passionately. There is nothing these two don't do and Lucas clearly enjoys Jason mouth on his dick. Those who have seen these two in action before know how well endowed they are, and it's surprising to see how well they take each others' cocks down their throats. The two really seem like they enjoy being with each other and naturally go in and out of sucking and kissing. In the end we know how it will play out, and after rimming Crew; Lucas slides a condom on his monster meat and plunges into Jason.

Another scene in the movie features a cute guy named Jack MacCarthy. Jack starts off by showing us his beautiful ass and his eight-inch cock. Pretty soon, he's hard and totally stroking himself while playing with his ass. We're not quite sure if it was already planned but Michael ends up putting on a condom and fucking Jack. There are several things that make this scene hot. The first is that Jack is very flexible, so he is able to contort himself into some pretty hot positions. Another thing that adds to the hotness factor is that Lucas keeps his clothes on — not that we don't like to see him naked — but it feels more off the cuff and unrehearsed. Michael finally cums in Jack's mouth at his request before Jack finally finishes himself off.

The final scene with Jackson Wild is equally hot and will have you rubbing one out to the hot duo. Those who buy the DVD will also enjoy an extra bonus disc filled with goodies including a watersports section and a tribute to Mr. Lucas.

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